Its 4am on the 31st October 2009 and its time to get out of bed and check our cats before starting another day. Today is a busy one, the truck needs to be loaded and then its off to the All Winners Show in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire to set up the trade stand ready for the show tomorrow.
First stop is the hotel, a luxury barn conversion in the heart of Hertfordshires stud farms,nice quiet countryside for our Australian Mists to settle down in and get used to their temporary surroundings before the show tomorrow. Alice Marla and Elliott Tambo have both qualified for the show and tomorrow is their big day, but first we have to head to Cheshunt without them to set up our stand.
The following day another early start and off to the show with the cats in tow. After vetting in and dressing the pens, the cats settled and decided on a quick nap. As Alice had been up all n ight trashing her pen in the hotel its no wonder she is so tired. Also at the show is  Joy Lancaster with her Australian Mist, Rumtumtugger Anya. Mary Stuart did not attend the show for various reasons so the total of Mists in the show numbers 5.
Both Alice Marla and Elliott Tambo behaved beautifully. When the time came to present our cats I took Elliott up ,Joy took Alice Marla , and her husband Mark took Anya.  The cats were judged by a French judge Yan Roca Folch, an All Breeds judge. Elliott was judged to be the Best in Variety and First with a Nomination for Best in Show.
At last the Best in Show awards were being called and Elliott took his place awaiting to be taken to the podium by the steward. Once up there he was awarded the Best Australian MIst for 2009 and he also took his special award for the Viking Cat Club , the shield for The Best New Breed This will have his name engraved on it and held by us for a year.
How proud he looked with his trophies whilst having his pictures taken by Robert Fox, our official photographer, and Elliott is still only 11 months old!!
The day was made complete when Joy Lancaster and her husband Mark presented me with a lovely box of chocolates as a thank you for all the help and support I had given them over the last month, as Joy is new to showing and still a little nervous. But really the only thanks I needed was to hear Joy planning the next show with confidence which she did so nicely.

Felis Britannica International Show

Lutterworth, Leics.

March 27th.28th  2010

After vetting in and dressing our pen, Sophie (Thera Marmor Sophonisbar) settled into her pen, consumed breakfast and decided on a quick nap.

After a busy morning being fussed by many admirers, her number was called and she was taken to be judged. The judge a Mr Louis Coste from France was immediately impressed, so much so he called over another judge , a Mrs Stephe Bruin who had previously judged Australian Mists in Melbourne, Australia.


JUNE 13TH 2010

Another early morning and up at 3am to sort out our cats before heading south to Tidworth, a journey of 3 hours. With us on the journey our latest litter of boys and Elliott Tambo , one of our lovely stud boys.

After vetting in and dressing the pens the cats settled in and ate their breakfast. The show was attended by myself with Elliott and our latest litter of kittens from Alice Marla and our stud Walnut. Also attending the show was Mary Stuart and Mitch with 6 kittens, Val King with Henry Chaplin and Elizabeth Boreham with Rumtumtugger Abigale and Hythe Honeybelle We had 14 entries in all, an impressive display, probably the most we have ever had at a show in one day. We were joined by several helpers including Mary's good friend Di.

Eventually our numbers were called and the first to be judged were the adults. They were taken to judge Thea Friskovec from Slovenia. Elliott was awarded a first with a Best in Variety. Next to be judged were the kittens, a difficult task as my boys were only interested in the toy on the judges table. Our boy Mullaloo took a first for Best Boy kitten,and Mary's gold girl Tutti took a first for best female kitten. The kittens then competed against each other to find the overall best kitten. Mary's girl took the title. As we were about to take the kittens back to their pens the judge slipped a carrier bag into my hand, it contained the toy my boys were so impressed with. She said they deserved it as they had loved it so much. The next to be judged were the 2 neuters belonging to Elizabeth Boreham. Finally Elliott competed against the best Neuter and the Best Kitten and Elliott was nominated for best in show.

Eventually the time came to take Elliott to the holding pens ready to be taken to the podium by the stewards where he was awarded best new breed in show. All in all we had a delightful day which we all totally enjoyed especially the two young girls who would eventually be taking Mary's winning kitten home with them.

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