The following timeline does not reflect activities of break away breeders.

JULY 2006

Mary Stuart confirmed her purchase if two Australian Mist kittens to join her in the UK to found the first breeding population outside of Australia .


Thera Linaria and Nintu Jelly Wave arrived in UK to much excitement . 2 further cats chosen.

MARCH 2007

Linny and Jelly gave birth to the first Australian Mist kittens born in the UK

MARCH 2007

Mary Stuart and Jane Lord visited their new stud and collected all the trophies from Linny and Jelly to take back to the UK.

JULY 2007

FiFe accepts Australian Mist for breeding , registration, & exhibition (to work towards qualifying for competition

JJLY 2007

UK magazine Catworld features an Australian Mist kitten on the front cover , 3 page colour spread inside.


First stud and third queen arrive in UK


Eddie and Rose Kitching purchase Jeldan , Lotsospots, Thera Sophonisbar, and Milletaches Alberge.


First totally made in UK litter are born.


First Australian Mists appear on exhibiton at Supreme Cat Show, NEC Birmingham


Despair!! Jane Lord allowed Jellywave to die, a cold unattended death of untreated pneumonia.

Rumtumtugger Yojimbo & Rumtumtugger Lida-Rose (neuters) head to the USA  

MARCH 2009

Double page spread in UK magazine YOUR CAT

MARCH 2009

Six Australian Mists land in UK , the fourth group.


The name Australian Mist is accepted by the GCCF


The beautiful Elliott Tambo awarded BEST AUSTRALIAN MIST and BEST NEW BREED at the FiFe annual all winners show

MAY 2010

Ayudamist send first Australian MIst to France

Australian Mists featured for the first time in a UK pet show (love Pets) Peterborough.


Elliott Tambo awarded BEST AUSTRALIAN MIST and BEST NEW BREED for second year running at the annual All Winners Show

MARCH 2011 

 2 Australian Mists land in the UK, the 5th group to arrive.

APRIL 2011

UK breeders travel to Australia for 25th anniversary celebrations at Nintu Cattery, Victoria , Australia

MAY 2011

Australian Mists appear at the very first London Pet Show at Olympia.

JUNE 2011 

Rumtumtugger Topaz heads to the USA to join the 2 neuters that went over in 2008.

JULY 2011

Ayudamist send 2 more Australian MIsts to France


The Australian Mist gain preliminary recognition with the GCCF


.Elliott Tambos first daughter Bindi Sue is born

Rumtumtugger Maram Drouin is the 4th Mist to go the USA  

APRIL 2012

The first Australian Mists shown in competition with the GCCF

First merits awarded to Australian Mists at a GCCF show.

MAY 2012

Australian Mists appear at the second London Pet Show at the new larger venue of Earls Court 2

MAY 2012

Dark dark days , A group of greedy unscrupulous breakaway breeders plan to steal the breed is foiled. Australian agreement broken, breed standard and policy fraudulently changed. Planned outcross policy threatens integrity of breed.


Another first for Ayudamist Cattery as the first Australian Mist is sent to The Netherlands.

MAY 2013

Australian Mists make a reappearance at the third London Pet Show held again at Earls Court 2

JUNE 2013

Australian Mist Presentation show at Lutterworth, Leicestershire, which yielded the beginning of the recognition process for the Australian Mists with Felis Britannica. The first ever show of its kind in the UK.

The following day after the show the first seminar hosted in the Uk by breed founder Truda Strade in Leciestershire


Rumtumtugger Maram Jannali (FB Best unrecognized breed of 2012) will fly out to North Carolina 


The Australian Mists appear at the Supreme Cat Show again.

MARCH 2014

Pregnant queen landed in the UK , 6th arrival into UK

FiFE recognition advanced by Australian Mist presentation show which the breed founder attended .

Breed Seminar, the genetics of colourings presented by Dr. Truda Strade.


Mary Stuart announces she is to cease breeding.

MAY 2015

All the Ayudamist Australian Mists take an entire stand at the London Petshow at its new venue London Excel and receive great attention from the public over a very successful week

Australian Mists advance to championship status with TICA. from 1st May 2015

SEPT 2015

Erma Gosforth neutered male Mystic A Mist Dancer won best alter under Jamie Christian to give him the last requirement to become the first Supreme Grand Champion Australian Mist in TICA

APR 2016

Ayudamist cattery has double grand champion Yarra Bajarra  

SEPT 2016

TICA World Conference in USA features the Australian Mist

FEB 2017 

 GCCF accepts Australian Mists under championship status

NOV 2016

Australian Mists on exhibition at the National Pet Show at the NEC Birmingham 

MARCH 2017 An Australian Mist out cross programme is approved in UK and Australia under supervision of Truda Strade

MARCH 2017 A new breeder in Japan is announced

MAY 2017 the first two litters of F1 kittens born with a thought out plan to increase the genetics in the UK.

DEC 2017 Restart of recognition programme with F.i.f.e.

MAY 2018 Chrissy Russell (Ayshazen Cats) takes over as Chair of The Australian Mist Breed Committee TICA

JUNE 2018 First Australian Mist kittens born in Europe .4 kittens born in Germany.

SEPT 2018 At the TICA board meeting the Australian Mist breed was granted permanent championship status

APRIL 2019 Sad Events Sadly over the years some breeders who have contributed so much and to the Australian Mist breed development have obtained breeding stock by deception and proceeded to manipulate less experienced breeders into their grasp, and done as they please to get what they want, working against Truda's dream,whilst bad mouthing others. This destruction of trust has resulted in loss of friendships, and has left some of us with a feeling of frustration and anger. We have to admit we are ashamed of the cat fancy and the despicable , devious and unethical behaviour of some individual breeders.

Whilst we are prepared to move forward and regroup , the damage that has been done by some breeders to the reputation of this beautiful breed of cat will be hard to forgive.

We do not expect people to take sides but we would ask that everyone evaluates the situation for themselves and decide whether to move forward and unite for the good of this breed.

There is never any good that comes out of deception , manipulation and nastiness.

As a result only reputable breeders will be featured and supported by Ayudamist Australian Mists 

We hope 2020 brings better times.

JUNE 2020    Regional TICA Awards  Ayudamist Australian Mist Cattery Yarra Banjara second best  Chocolate Sepia Spotted Tabby  Australian Mist of the year  and third best Australian Mist of the year 

JULY  2020   International TICA Awards  Ayudamist Australian Mist Cattery  Yarra Banjara third bestChocolate Sepia Spotted Tabby Australian Mist of the year